Tillandsia albida (Large)

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Tillandsia albida (Large)

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Tillandsia albida is a stem-growing species with stiff, white leaves (hence the name albida) -  it grows in hot dry desert conditions, and has to reflect as much sunlight as it can to help conserve what little moisture it can absorb through its leaves. It produces pups or growths along the stem (like branches on a tree) and can grow into quite large clumps in only a few years.

The floral bracts are deep crimson-coloured, and the flowers of are the typical Tillandsia shape, but they are a cream color, which is rare.

T. albida makes a great beginner's airplant: It is an easy to grow, low maintenance plant that can tolerate reasonably high levels of drought, heat and light. In its native habitat, Northern Mexico, it grows as an epiphyte (on other plants) or on rocks (saxicious).

It can grow to a height of 40 cm or more, and a width of 30 cm. It prefers light watering, bright light and some air movement, and it thrives in warmer to hot temperatures.

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